Do a Mitzvah!
Serve alongside our brothers and sisters in Israel.


Positioned against a Jewish man’s heart and above the forehead, fostering the proper balance and harmony between heart and mind, emotion and reason, dedicated to G-d. A personal connection and a collective shield for the whole Jewish nation.


An indelible mark of a Jewish home reminding all who enter or leave of a higher, Divine power. A declaration of G-d's Oneness and our vow to serve only Him. Our King doesn't sit while we guard Him; instead, He watches over us while we dwell within.

Shabbat Candles

Late on Friday afternoon, shortly before sunset,* Jewish women and girls kindle lights, bringing in points of light, serenity, and joy into a world where chaos swirls and darkness threatens. *Shabbat candles must not be lit after sunset.


More than charity; it's justice. It encompasses not just money, but also time, expertise, and even a smile. No matter your blessings, you can share—making it a daily habit amplifies its impact; get the charity box, and give each day!

Home full of Torah books

A Jewish home is a microcosm of Jewish life, embodying its inhabitants' histories, personalities, and dreams. Fill your home with essential texts like the Chumash, Tehillim, and Tanya. Transform your house into a beacon of Jewish life and learning.

Learn Torah

Received by Moses on Mount Sinai, the essence of G-d, dictated by G-d Himself, the Torah is the law, truth, and path to peace for the Jewish People and all of humanity. Torah is G-d’s own wisdom, which is one with His essence. Tap into it.


The divine health code, essential to Jewish spiritual well-being. Following the Kosher diet deepens our awareness of G-d's purpose in our day-to-day life.

Love your Fellow

"Love your fellow as yourself," instructs Leviticus—a principle Rabbi Akiva declares central to the Torah. True love for a fellow Jew transcends labels and nurtures a collective identity, united as members of G-d’s chosen nation.

Family Purity

The essence of Jewish femininity and the bedrock of Jewish marriage and family life. Giving couples the power to draw G-d's light and grace into their homes. ensuring the sanctity of the Jewish marriage and the continuity of our nation.

Jewish Education

The soul of our future. Imbuing in our children the responsibility to fill the world with goodness here and now. It’s not just memory—it's alive, nurturing a resilient spirit and inspiring them to carry the torch forward.


G‑d instructs us to wear fringes (Tzitzit) on our garments as a constant reminder of His 613 mitzvot. A bridge between our limited human experience and G‑d's boundless Holiness.

Letter in the unity Torah Scroll

Torah is the central text of Judaism. The Torah scroll contains 304,805 letters, each one carefully written by a trained scribe. Through purchasing a letter for yourself you’ve united with Jewish people everywhere.


The essence of Tefillah lies in the blend of introspection and divine communion, reflecting the Jewish historical saga and an ongoing, personal pursuit of a relationship with G-d.